Curriculum Vitae
Given name: Florin
Date and place of birth: March 27, 1952, Brasov, Romania.
Sex: male.
Nationality: Romanian.
Marital Status: married, 1 child (1976)
Studies: 'Politehnica' University Bucharest, Faculty of Technology. 
Graduation date: June 1976.

Professional activity:

since 1998 - general manager of the AsTech Solutions ltd.
since 1996 - president of the Center for Complexity Studies - Bucharest

1998 - 2001 member in the advisory board of the Ministery for Research and Technology (ANSTI)
1990 - 2001 senior researcher in the Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy
1988-1990 - assisting professor, 'Politehnica' University Bucharest, Department of Materials Science and Welding Technology
1979-1988 - assistant, 'Politehnica' University Bucharest, Department of Materials Science and Welding Technology
1976-1979 - teacher, "Grivita Rosie" College
Teaching activity:

1979-1985 - discipline of Materials Science; teaching and devising didactic material (Laboratory handbooks), modernization works for the laboratory didactic activity, mainly in the field of nonconventional technologies and nondistructive defectoscopy;

1985,1987 and 1989 - chair owner in 'Materials Technology', teaching at the Faculty of Technology, the Faculty of Electronics and the Faculty of Computer Science. The courses were improved using new notions from fields like fractal measurement methodology, notions of synergetics, stability of dynamic systems with self-regulation and self-organization, chaos theory;

1991-1993 chair owner in 'Materials Science', Romanian Academy for Management, Faculty of Systems Engineering;

1993 - initiator of an optional course of Complexity Science, held at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics;

1993 - lector for the International Summer School 'The Theory of Fractals and Chaos';

1994 - initiator of the course: 'Foundations of Research on Complex Dynamic Systems', held at the 'Politehnica ' University, Faculty of Technology;

Research activity

1971-1987: research focused on nonconventional technologies:

  • design, construction or coordination of the construction of technological equipment, of measurement and control instrumentation;
  • the delimitation of the concept of ecosensor and the conception of appropriate measurement instrumentation and methodology. 
The most important themes were:
    • equipment for plastic deformation by magnetic pulse/magnetoforming/ (machine prototypes named DEMARO 01, DEMARO 04, MAGNETOFORM);
    • equipment for the electromagnetic control of the electric arc in welding (ELOSAR, ROTARC, PULSAR);
    • equipment for welding of microwires and thin sheets with stored energy (SEIMA, MICROSEIMA, SEIMA1000);
    • computer based system for reading X-ray photographs in nondestructive defectoscopy and semi-automatic processing of the scanned images;
    • computer based laboratory measurement data acquisition system;
    • computer based system for the acquisition of electrical signals from biological sensors;
1983-1987 - participation at research activities organized by the Central Institute of Biology (ICEBIOL), regarding the role of geometrical form on physical or biophysical processes;

1987-1989 - cooperation with the Laboratory of Geodynamics, Bucharest, on subjects regarding hierarchy aspects in fragmentation processes, the use of fractal geometry in modelling geometrical and physical properties of soil, properties of solid matter obtained by solidification or clustering, transition to chaos applied in modelling geodynamic phenomena;

1987 - PhD admission, with the theme: 'The plastic deformation of metallic materials by magnetic explosion', conducted by Prof. D.Drimer; the work, including examens and presented papers, was performed in 1987-1989;

October 1992 - initiator of a group who created, in the framework of the Association of Romanian Scientists, the Commission for Complexity Science (president: prof. Radu Voinea, member of the Romanian Academy; vicepresident: prof. Mircea Rusu; scientific secretary: the undersigned), with the aim of emphasizing the research activity of Romanian scientists in the field of complexity science, supporting information flow on fractal physics, chaos theory, synergetics, neural networks, fuzzy logic a.s.o.

1995 - participation at the scientific expedition for research and mounting of geodynamics instrumentation on the Piton de la Fournaise volcano (Reunion Island);

1995, 1996, 1997,1998 - Summer School "Fractal 9X", Resita; topics: Fractal physics - theory and applications, lectures;

1997 - Research Center for Sports Problems, topic: Nonlinear Approach in Experimental Research; course;

1998 - Central Sanitary-Veterinary Laboratory for Diagnostics, Bucharest; topic: Virtual Instrumentation in Biological Research;

1998 - AsTech Solutions, topic: Virtual Instrumentation, a comprehensive course for professionals;

Scientific associations: The Association of Romanian Scientists; The Romanian Society of Geophysics; The Romanian Society of Biomechanics;

Books:  Seminte pentru alta lume - Nemira 

Translations from: 
English - Obiecte fractale / Benoid Mandelbrot / Nemira 1998 
French - Inventarea formelor / Alain Boutot / Nemira 1997
Published papers:

Language skills: English, French

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