The 1-st of August 1997 
The communication through art reaches universal laws and melts all boundaries. 
That is why the fine arts field is so intense on Atlantykron. 
The artists guide us into seeing and perceiving the harmony of Nature. 
Today, Carmen Maftei uncovers new perspectives of a special technique,
in a moment that became traditional through the years: Carmen Maftei 

Our young inventor in games. Creator of strategies in computer games, Marius challenged us this year with an original combination of Go, tintar (a Romanian equivalent game) and the principles of the cellular automata. Therefore, the KALEM game has been played as a world premiere.

A new contest - Target Shooting- has been a real attraction for those who wish to experiment on their own the COMPLEXITY of life on Atlantykron (lectures concerning artificial life, nonlinear physics, arts, contests, debates, editing a journal, a.s.o.)  

A new contest: 
The Neuro-muscular Coordination!  
The computer becomes an attentive observer challenging our senses and studying our ability of learning and the correctitude of movement . Winning the game will not be based on force, but on directing the force efficiently following a strategy proposed by the specialists from The Center of Research for the Problems of Sport.
For those interested, Pierre de Hillerin presents the theoretical basis of the devices used in the contest, of the training technique, future projects. And in this way, without knowing, a trade is transferred from a generation to another. In fact,this is the goal that The Center for Complex Studies has declared on Atlantykron: Preparing the new generation for the nonlinear dynamics of tomorrow society.

The 19.30 encounter with music has offered us a particular occasion 
In the music corner of the island, one of the founders of this SF summer camp, Mr. Alexandru Mironov and the manager of all editions Mr. Sorin Repanovici have remembered the seven editions of Atlantykron Other points of view have been expressed by Mr. Razvan Haritonovici ,Mr. Florin Munteanu and Mr. George Ceausu  

Then, Pierre de Hillerin recited us poems of the Romanian poet 
Stefan Augustin Doinas  
in the crepuscular light of the sunset. 

The surprise of the evening was Miss Natasa TRIFAN,
student in Choreography.  
In a natural environment and in the accords of Albinoni's music, 
Natasa has integrated the sensitivity and the choreographic art.

Weather on Atlantkron
by Adcon Telemetry device

© 1997 by Florin Munteanu & Andreea Munteanu