The 2-nd of August 1997
The end of the 7-th edition of Atlantykron-Romania SF summer camp is approaching! 
A lot of competitors in a lot of contests. Although the number of prizes is too small for the number of competitors, we were all winners in a more complex game. It is not the place here to present all the prizes. With one exception:in the modelling contest, Ovidiu Petcu, citizen of Atlantykron since its first edition, a real SF fan, won the first prize. 
 That's the winning model! 

who has just graduated from the Faculty of Psychology came with an interesting and original idea of carnival - show- psychological test, a true exponent of the Applied Complexity:  


 It was a pretext to improvise costumes proper to the chess game and the game itself demanded the imagination, talent and improvisation art of every participant. 

 The Two Kings-
The White One and the Black One
 The White Queen 
and The White King
 The Black King
 A new chessman - The Wizard
 He can revive by his own power and wish any chessman out of the game

© 1997 by Florin Munteanu & Andreea Munteanu