The 27-th of July 1997
In the first day on Atlantykron, a first foreign encounter: our special guest Alain Le Bussy, a science-fiction writer from Belgium. 

He told us about his personal view on SF into the lecture:"Why do I like SF?".  

Alain Le Bussy is a well known writer in the Romanian Fandom In 1993 he received the Rosny-Aine price for the novel "Deltas" and in 1995, at the Eurocon , he was recognized as the "Best European Author".

CONCATENATION is a publication of the "Phoenicians", first edited in 1987. The two numbers published after the Eurocon from Timisoara (1994) were the result of the collaboration between the British Fandom and the Romanian one. These two numbers were printed in the United Kingdom in both languages.  
A big support was offered by the Italian Fandom
with the Web Page 
located for " Concatenation". 
"Concatenation" contains scientific works, SF-literature and critical works, as it comes from the title: "THE SCIENCE-FACT& FICTION" By this issue, the cultural and scientific exchanges between the British and Romanian Fandom bring their contribution to build bridges between the Romanian and British culture.  
The issues printed in both languages represent the joining of works of the British biologist: Jonathan Cowie 
of the Romanian teacher:
Antuza Genescu. 
Despite the terrible rain, a feeble sunbeam triggered a spontaneous and unique moment of joy and life. The Music created, as always, the mood necessary for a strong bond between our souls.

The last event of the first Atlantykron night was a large meeting of the fans in order to analyze the activity of the Romanian fandom and to answer the questions: 

"Is there a crisis in the Romanian Science Fiction? 
The literary circles and the SF-clubs are efficient patterns to organize the SF activity? 
Do we need them any more?"
The chairmen of this meeting were the writers: Aurel Carasel & Lucian Merisca

© 1997 by Florin Munteanu & Andreea Munteanu