The 29-th of July 1997 
Today's Guest
The Astronomer Harald Alexandrescu
We talk about Mars, Life on Mars and the hottest news regarding Mars Pathfinder Mission. 
Great importance is given to the scientific and social side of the astronomic event happening at the joining of the millennia: The Total Sun Eclipse from the 11-th of August 1999 that will be visible all over the country- from Arad to Constanta.
The Design contest continues under the guidance of
Mr. Aurel Manole and Mr. Maracineanu 
The first number of the Atlantykron's Journal appears -!  
A Journal edited on Atlantykron and speaking about Atlantykron!  
The STAR TREK Club initiates the contest 
The Treasure from the Island.
Today, the first step:
Orientation and Perspicacity in 'the Atlantykronian jungle' 
Today's Inauguration 
The physicist Pierre de Hillerin  
introduces us to the Biofeedback Laboratory- the devices, the psychological importance of the performance sports in correcting our physical abilities and in understanding the complex neuromuscular mechanisms.   
We establish rules for a future contest: self-reflecting the neuromuscular abilities through the rapidity of learning and the correctitude of task
The Sunset finds us gathered around music. 
Another day has passed by! The first genuine summer day! 

Weather on Atlantykron
Adcon Telemetry device
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