The 3-rd of August 1997
The Departure Time Has Come! 
The 7-th Edition of Atlantykron - Romania is over!
The enthusiastic participation, the troubles and the joys are over! 
The contests in which we were all winners are over!
We have learned to respect our friends and colleagues from other fields,
we tryed to descover new abilities in us,
we formed and enforced groups that will know to communicate different in everyday life. 
It was a real school in the middle of the Nature, 
a school in which the student was also a teacher and the teacher was also a student .
We have left the island with a new view of the world, we have left changed for the better,
more adapted for tomorrow, preparing the FUTURE together. 
Roberto Quaglia (on the left) has honoured us again with his presence as it happens every year, even if he came in the last day 



© 1997 by Florin Munteanu & Andreea Munteanu