The 31-st of July 1997 
  Remembering last editions!  

Cristian Pamfilov, SF fan and organizer of Atlantykron summer camp since the its first edition presents the results of his hobby. 
The photographic art reveals our evolution since 1990 

The final challenge of the contest
The treasure from the Island
-manufacturing a wooden dinner set -plate, spoon, fork and knife- decorated as fancy as possible 
The models are taking shape. 
After being painted, you hardly recognize the components. 
The junk has been transformed 
through phantasy and talent
into original value. 
The Danube is constantly rising with 15 cm per day. 
The landscape is alarming changing under our own eyes.
The flowers and the grass, the insects and
the animals 
are fighting 
We admire all those beauties 
at the 19 30 encounter with music. 
Weather on Atlantykron
by Adcon Telemetry device

© 1997 by Florin Munteanu & Andreea Munteanu