The Complexity Science is again among us 
The major subject:
describing the complexity of the Astro - Geophysical habitat
in which the MAN was born and grew up 
Pierre de Hillerin

Pierre fitted imediatly into the traditional atmosphere,sharing the experience of physicist and man of culture. The human performance in sports became subject and object to our daily discussions.

Using high audio-video technology, a library of 40 Cd-s, documentary movies 
and the experience of researchers, the 200 young people grasped
the misteries of Astrophysics and Geophysics.
A first Encounter with 
The Solar System
The emotions of the student on vacation who becomes a teacher!  
A training of the spiritual development through accumulation and  
continuous sharing of experiences and information from the favourite domain 
First steps in the structure of the Earth
The most important events on the island:
the dialog between generations and the life in the middle of the Nature
Our guest , Roberto Quaglia introducing us intoThe Theory of Games
The first editorial on Atlantykron 
 ( first fanzine is printed) 
The first data base is organized,  
including our wishes and hobbies 

© 1997 by Florin Munteanu