Name:  Gabriela Monica Boiangiu  
    Date of birth: 12 March 1976, Craiova 
    Studies:  "Fratii Buzesti" High School, Craiova      

        Art School, Craiova 
        Art University Bucharest  


    She's Artistic Project is: 
    The Gate

 The Gate is in English language a movable barrier in a wall or fence. It is like a beginning. Like a passing towards another world, another space, another reality. It can be open or closed just for us, sometimes we can see through the gate or sometimes through its fence. It is like an obstacle in our way and our life, and when we want to pass it, we are happy to do it even if we don't know exactly what  is it on the other side. 

 An artistic project is very complicate in this spiritual way of thoughts. Beginning with a very realistic observation and representation. I am going against an abstract point of view. What is abstract? The pure essence of my thoughts of my ideas. I am going towards origins of our contemporary concept because our world is build on a few simple veritable truths, nothing more. 

 I choose the gate to open a little bit our horizon, to stop for five minutes our exhausting and "important" work and think to our existence and to our little and short life  on this Earth. 

 Sometimes because we are too busy we can't see the open gates right in the front of us, and we lose the most important things for our life because we don't know how to live. 




Exhibition and prices: 
 1993 - The Price for Science Fiction Art National Campus Cernavoda 
 1993-1994  - Science Fiction graphics published in Brasov and Bucharest's magazines  
 1994 - The First Price for Science Fiction graphics - National Campus Cernavoda  
 1995 - Annual Art School Exhibition Craiova  
 1996 - Annual Art School Exhibition Craiova  
 1996 - Annual Exhibition of artists of Craiova 
 1996 - National Exhibition of the Art Schools  Pitesti 
 1996 - Art-Textile Exhibition, Ucraina  
 1997 - Annual Exhibition of artists of Craiova 
 1997 - One Man Show Exhibition Craiova 
Works in private collections: 
 Romania, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, USA, Switzerland